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The TP95, it has the X factor

The TP95, it has the X factor

Top quality in a package

The TP95 is the ultimate packaging match for all your (food) products. Yes, the legendary round DECA pot with safety closure is an absolute winner. We recently added an extra X factor to the DECA TP95 - with camera cells in our production - for ultimate monitoring and far-reaching automation. Your guarantee for top quality and visually attractive packaging. TP95 is the smartest solution ever:

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Camera cells for final check

That’s the X factor. The innovation of our TP95 brings you even smarter packaging. The best of years of expertise in the packaging sector, innovation and investment in production. We installed camera cells on our machines for an automatic, final check of 'every finished product'. The first series we tested was the TP95. The X-ray way.

"The camera cells are one of the most important investments in our production in 2021 and will be further expanded in 2022. There are 6 camera cells in use, with 5 more to come. They have been developed by our Automation department and so are fully adapted to DECA production and packaging. That fits in perfectly with our automation story. It confirms our leading role in the packaging sector."

Patrik De Cat, CEO of DECA

  • Far-reaching automation of our production process

  • With 100% control on IML: label recognition, injection, position

  • With drastic reduction of recalls

  • Elimination of human error

  • Removal of faulty products

  • Automatic stacking and packaging of approved products


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