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TP95 – Go Green

TP95 – Go Green

100% sustainable packaging - 100% functional packaging!

The ultimate sustainable packaging for food products? TP95 round containers with safety closure from DECA! Maximum recyclability is one part of it, but there is also a nice ecological story.


TP95 – Go Green

The ultimate sustainable packaging


Sustainable packaging, the only way to go. Our TP95 for packaging food products is also a highlight here – good for the environment and a sustainable leap forwards for your brand.

Choosing the TP95 round containers with safety closure is always a sustainable option. Because DECA starts with an ecological design: we design for recycling. Working with 100% polypropylene (PP) means we produce packaging from 100% monomaterial that is perfectly recyclable, even as a personalised version with IML label.


TP95 = packaging in 100% polypropylene = 100% monomaterial = 100% recyclable


Green reputation


Plastics quite wrongly do not have a green image and often come in for negative criticism. We at DECA believe the opposite and can also demonstrate it… the result of years of studies to translate our green mission into concrete action and optimised packaging such as the TP95. We deliberately choose to carry on working with polypropylene and focus on maximum recyclability for all our products. And this is how we do it:

  • We use less material: material use for the TP95 containers is optimised. Lightweight but still with the same strength. So less plastic, without compromising on quality.

  • We make the packaging perfectly reusable: thanks to the container/lid combination you obtain leakproof packaging that can also be used in the home. It is dishwasher-resistant too. It can be used to keep leftovers in, as a lunch box for your child to take to school, etc.

  • We achieve the ultimate recycling dream: 100% PP = 100% recyclable. Since the introduction of the plastic, metal and drink cartons refuse bag, even more plastic has been arriving in the right waste material flow in Belgium. We then have less incineration of plastic waste and a cleaner waste material flow, so more (mechanical) recycling and re-use!

  • To further reduce the ecological footprint of your packaging, we work together with our suppliers on alternatives to traditional virgin PP such as:

    • Re-oil recycled PP, so your packaging partly consists of recycled material.

    • Bio-based 2nd generation raw materials, because here we can cut CO2 emissions from PP to 0. Examples are renewable feedstock from waste oils, residual oils from the food industry or oils from wood pulp. These oils produce a raw material with the same properties as fossil raw materials.

  • We then create a clean circular flow in which the plastic packaging is not only recycled, after recycling it can also be re-used to make new packaging.

With the TP95 sustainable packaging the green circle is indeed complete. Go Green with DECA!

  • Download all the TP95 info here.

  • Do you also want to make the difference with chemically recycled or bio-based raw materials? Contact your DECA adviser.