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Your style, your TP95

Your style, your TP95

MEGA personalisation

Develop packaging of the highest quality in your house style - that’s what DECA does. The TP95, our range of round containers with safety closure is a real showpiece in this field. The favourite of many customers, and full of potential for your food company too. That’s because TP95 offers everything you need to give your branding a lasting and eye-catching boost...

The TP95 with In Mould Labelling (IML) is the epitome of personalisation
With a container and label made of 100% polypropylene (PP) - monomaterial, you have a 100% recyclable packaging in your hands
Choice of labels in various materials, from transparent to glossy white and orange peel white
IML without borders: label on lid, bottom or side (coat label)

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TP95 & IML: perfect match

In Mould Labelling, therefore – our most tested solution for customised packaging. A pre-printed polypropylene label is placed in the mould and melted into the pot. This is how simple it can be. The result: label and packaging become one.

Quite good in terms of aesthetics and functionality. And it is also a fully recyclable solution. The greatest added value? Personalised packaging supports your brand to the MAXIMUM. Those products of yours will stand out (permanently) on the shelves from now on!

Your style, your TP95 - is that what you want too?
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