Customised packaging

"Personalise and impact. DECA takes care of it."

Customised packaging

Entice consumers

Your products are stunning. But they should also dress to impress. Custom packaging is exactly what you need. Packaging that entices and sells itself. That’s why we say, “personalise and impact”. Your product gets all the attention, alongside your brand.

The beauty is: the options are almost unlimited, both in terms of design, colour and printing. We guide you through the process, from drawing and prototype to a product ready for production. Rest assured, the perfect packaging exists!

Personalisation of packaging

Your specifications, expectations and needs are the starting point for a personalised packaging solution. A luxury package with a metallic look? Using the inside and outside of your packaging to add product information? All possibilities.

Choose and stand out!


A beautiful packaging that matches your corporate identity, with a specific design that enables your brand to stand out.


Let us know your preference in terms of shades, give us a sample and we will make the colour to order. This will result in a prototype.


A packaging with offset printing quality tells your product’s story with added flair. Ideal for an optimal brand experience.

In Mould Labelling (IML)

Take the appearance of your packaging to the next level with In Mould Labelling (IML). IML labels are made in the same material as the packaging, which facilitates recycling. The ethylvinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer in the IML film also reduces oxygen permeability, while a light barrier protects the contents against sun and UV light. 

Discover all advantages of IML in this blog post:

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