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TP95 - catching waves

TP95 - catching waves

Heating up in the container


Tip… hot food is good for your mood! So just enjoy those hot dishes and sauces to the full. We are also fans at DECA. We’d like to add another tip here: you can heat food up in a TP95 round container with safety closure in a microwave oven. The packaging is multifunctional and highly suitable for numerous food products such as tapas, confectionery, nuts… so also for prepared sauces and ready-made dishes. Heating up is quick and simple in the container!


A sure thing, because at DECA we have already been carrying out research for years along with quality controls for safely heating up food in our packaging. All our products sail through the test and are microwave safe. Heating plastic? Check, as long as the conditions for use below are followed.

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Tips for safety in the microwave


The TP95 can be perfectly safely used in a microwave oven as follows. The combination of power and length of time in the microwave must be set so no temperature higher than 100 ° C is reached on the side of the container where the contents touch the plastic (walls, bottom, lid) during heating. Sounds Chinese? Just follow these simple tips:


  • Put the container for max. 15 minutes in the microwave with a max. temperature of 100 ° C.

  • It’s best to use a lower power setting and not 1000 W.

  • Stir the contents in the container every 1 to 2 minutes until the contents are fully heated through.

  • The contents are then heated evenly the and max. temperature will stay below 100 ° C.


Don’t forget to include the above preparation instructions on your packaging (with IML label😊) so the end user can get started in all safety.

There are materials that can be heated to a higher temperature. The TP95 can also be ordered in this material. Would you like to know more? Ask DECA. First-hand advice on heating conditions!

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