DECA TRAY Round sealable containers

DECA TRAY Round sealable containers
Flat seal edge - suitable for pasteurisation
Microwaveable - deep-freeze resistant on request
Available as standard in transparent version, white and black - various colours on request
Offset printing and IML decoration on request from 25.000 pieces upwards
Picture Range Art. nr.DescriptionØ x H (mm)Content (ml)MaterialDatasheet Questions?
Picture of 0007-30 0007-30 25217Round container, transparent Polypropylene77 x 3080PPView PDF Mail us!
0007-43.jpg 0007-43 22417Round container, transparent Polypropylene77 x 435130PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of 0007-OD 0007-OD 22419Round overlaying lid, transparent79 x 0--PPView PDF Mail us!
0020-33_PF01.jpg 0020-33 27141Round tray, black200 x 33750PPView PDF Mail us!
0020-33_PF01.jpg 0020-D 27142Round lid for tray 0020-33, transparent Polypropylene200 x 0--PPView PDF Mail us!
6K-0095-47_PF01.jpg 6K-0095-47 23037Hexagonal container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 47220PPView PDF Mail us!
6K-0095-59_PF01.jpg 6K-0095-59 23038Hexagonal container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 59260PPView PDF Mail us!
6K-0095-76_PF01.jpg 6K-0095-76 23039Hexagonal container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 76325PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of OSC-400 OSC-400 26873Oval sealable container, transparent Polypropylene Ideal for soup-- x 0400PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of OSC-OD OSC-OD 26874Oval lid for OSC containers, transparent Polypropylene-- x 0--PPView PDF Mail us!
RO052-25_PF01.jpg RO052-25 69342Round, sealable container, transparent Polypropylene53 x 279525PPView PDF Mail us!
Ro052-50_PF01.jpg RO052-50 23394Round, sealable container, transparent Polypropylene52 x 4650PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO095-150 RO095-150 23447Round container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 38150PPView PDF Mail us!
RO095-200_PF01.jpg RO095-200 23448Round container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 413200PPView PDF Mail us!
RO095-250_PF01.jpg RO095-250 23449Round container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 52250PPView PDF Mail us!
RO.095-300_PF01.jpg RO095-300 70376Round container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 63300PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO095-305 RO095-305 27378Round, sealable container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 65305PPView PDF Mail us!
RO095-400_PF01.jpg RO095-400 23451Round container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 88400PPView PDF Mail us!
RO095-500_PF01.jpg RO095-500 23452Round container, transparent Polypropylene95 x 119500PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO095-OD-A RO095-OD-A 24412Round snap-on lid, bevelled, transparent Polypropylene98.71 x 814n/aPPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO095-OD-AP RO095-OD-AP 23040Round lid for pasteurisation, bevelled, transparent Polypropylene98.71 x 814n/aPPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO095-ODH RO095-ODH 110736Round snap-on lid for RO095, transparent Polypropylene98.6 x 0--PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO115-250 RO115-250 23480Round container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 35250PPView PDF Mail us!
RO115-300_PF01.jpg RO115-300 23481Round container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 42300PPView PDF Mail us!
RO115-400_PF01.jpg RO115-400 23482Round container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 57400PPView PDF Mail us!
RO115-600_PF01.jpg RO115-600 23483Round container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 90600PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO115-760 RO115-760 110751Round, sealable container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 11761760PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO115-D&P RO115-D&P 27373Round lid, transparent Polypropylene115 x 942--PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO115-ODH RO115-ODH 110688Round snap-on lid for RO115, transparent Polypropylene115 x 18--PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of RO119-OD RO119-OD 110500Round lid for RO119, transparent Polypropylene119.5 x 0--PPView PDF Mail us!
ROT090-165_PF01.jpg ROT090-165 69381Round container, transparent PET96 x 407165--View PDF Mail us!
ROT090-ODT.jpg ROT090-ODT 65008Round lid, transparent PET96 x 15----View PDF Mail us!
SP115-1000_PF01.jpg SP115-1000 25179Round container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 1371000PPView PDF Mail us!
SP115-350_PF01.jpg SP115-350 25177Round container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 50350PPView PDF Mail us!
SP115-500_PF01.jpg SP115-500 25178Round container, transparent Polypropylene115 x 68485PPView PDF Mail us!
Picture of SP115-D SP115-D 22905Round lid, white Polypropylene11.8 x 6--PEView PDF Mail us!