Your product in the spotlight

Dress for success. This should also apply to your product and its packaging. Standing out is often a necessity, and DECA knows how. Subtle or outspoken, whatever you need.

Our innovative packaging solutions give your products an extra touch. A unique combination of shape, colour and personalisation to suit your product and help it stand out. Thanks to our sustainable production process, you can be sure of extremely solid, top-quality packaging.


Standard packaging

Over the years we have developed a high-quality standard range of packaging products. More specifically, for the packaging of food in plastic, glass and metal. Let us know what your needs are and we will help find the best packaging for your product.

Plastic packaging

Plastic packaging - Rigid plastic, multi-purpose. With safety closure or sealable, microwave or freezer proof, transparent or coloured... the answer to every packaging question.

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Glass packaging

Renewable and reusable jars that can be sterilised or pasteurised. The metal lids are customisable and available in several colours.

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Metal packaging

A luxury tin is the cream of the crop for your product. Can also be produced tailored to your needs.

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Do you prefer a customised packaging solution? DECA will be pleased to help. View our offer.