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TP95 - Let's grow together

TP95 - Let's grow together

Growing, standing out, strengthening your brand. These are our triggers for continuous optimisation of DECA packaging. And, if we may say so ourselves, with the renewed TP95 range of round containers, we can both be sure make a difference. What you focus on, grows.

It’s true, the number 1 for food professionals has undergone a quality, finishing and personalisation update thanks to In Mould Labelling (IML). The TP95 round containers come in 3 sizes (210-280-365), tailored to your needs and corporate identity. Transparent, black, white or in other rainbow colours. A clever piece of polypropylene (PP) at its brightest.


Added value in a round container


Need some strong arguments before starting the famous growth test with TP95? Hold on...

  • Leakproof: the round containers are completely new. The lid has been optimised to increase leak-tightness.

  • Lightweight and super strong: for DECA, innovation equals sustainability. Our R&D went to great lengths to make a container with less plastic. The result: the container is lighter, but just as strong.

  • Monomaterial – 100% recyclable: our choice for years and more topical  than ever. DECA makes all containers from 100% PP, monomaterial. In this way, we ensure that plastic packaging can be optimally recycled. Topical? Certainly in Belgium, thanks to the P+MD waste bag, which is now allowed to contain not only plastic bottles, metal and drink cartons, but also all other plastics.

  • IML: In Mould Labelling... our most proven solution for customised packaging, or MEGA personalisation for strong food branding. IML also consists of PP, so together with container or lid = monomaterial and 100% recyclable.

  • Quality & service: our trademark, for TP95 we again outdid ourselves.


The sustainable way


The new TP95, again following our tried and tested recipe: a container in lightweight multifunctional monomaterial, 100% recyclable.

However, our ECO mission does not stop there. Together with raw material suppliers, we are working on alternatives to virgin PP. Material with the same properties, but with even less impact on the environment. 

Our R&D is on a sustainable track:

  • Circular operations & closing the loop: we investigate the possibilities of ReOil recycled PP for food packaging.

  • We have the option of using bio-based PP: polypropylene made from renewable (instead of fossil) raw materials, such as oils made from wood pulp. This significantly reduces the packaging's CO2 footprint.

  • We are constantly working on greening our factory to minimise our environmental footprint.    

DECA continuously researches and tests in order to be able to offer more sustainable alternatives, without compromising on quality or performance. Plastic has many advantages and properties that other materials do not have. Sustainable and plastic – absolutely an option, DECA can help you with it. More coming soon

There you go: these are our ingredients for sustainable growth today. Are you in?

Contact DECA for more info (and have fun with your grow test containers) or get your samples today!