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TP95 – Colour is key

TP95 – Colour is key

The TP95 matches your house style.

Transparent, black and white, all shades of the rainbow. Experience the power of the colour of the round containers with safety closure TP95. Because we don’t think you should keep your packaging under wraps. Your products must catch the eye in the shop, while also shining a spotlight on your branding. This is called personalising with impact, and we’ve made it our speciality at DECA.

We integrate your house style colours during the production process. And the result is a winner across the board: watertight like no other, 100% recyclable and the perfect ambassador for your brand. The TP95 is simply second to none.


Personalised food packaging.

Personalising your food packaging doesn’t have to be difficult. Explain your wishes to us. We will show you the standard colours. But there are no limits because each colour is created by DECA specialists. We would like to tell you everything about the options, prices and delivery periods. And the benefits of personalised packaging that soon follow.

Download the TP95 leaflet here

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