“The planet, the environment, our children ... just as important to us as they are you.”


DECA breathes sustainability

The question is whether plastic packaging is compatible with sustainability. Many people ask us this question, but the answer is without a doubt: yes! No empty talk here, but concrete actions to assume our responsibility in the circular economy and to reduce our impact on the environment to a minimum.

We know that sustainable and affordable plastics are important to your business. It’s in everyone’s interest to reduce our ecological footprint. You can, with a partner like DECA. Our polypropylene packaging is 100% recyclable. And what’s more, we are constantly researching new materials that meet the quality requirements for food packaging. Innovation works!


Sustainable products & production

Eco-friendly entrepreneurship and production, this is how DECA does it ...


The weight of the materials and the amount of raw materials used are key to the design of each packaging. We also aim for the lowest possible energy consumption during the production process.


Disposable packaging? Not our cup of tea. Thanks to our well-considered and innovative design, all our packaging is perfectly reusable by the end consumer.


We acquire know-how from waste processing companies. This is incorporated into our design and production process The result: our mono-material plastic packaging is easy to recycle. At your request, we can add additives that enable recycling machines to recognise black plastic. We are already doing this for the UK market today.

Download our environmental policy statement.

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