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TP95 – Visibly invisible

TP95 – Visibly invisible

Your product stands out.

So many beautiful food products just have to stand out! And that’s not even to mention the packaging. Your product must be the magnet. That’s what you get from DECA … this is the transparent TP95 in our range of round containers with safety closure. Visibly invisible it truly holds everything. All eyes on the inside.

TP95 supports your product thanks to cleverly selected material options and an out-of-the-box production process. The transparent polypropylene containers are so clear that the product fully shines through. Talk about effective promotion!


Polypropylene at its clearest.

The transparent TP95 food packaging is the result of a clever material choice – RCP, a type of polypropylene with high transparency and an optimised high-end injection moulding process. Our modern moulds can offer you significant advantages:

  • Thin-walled products – less plastic so also better transparency
  • Smooth container surface quality due to very fine polishing and fast container ejection after injection
  • Fast cooling after injection to optimise transparency

And there are so many other reasons for choosing packaging in transparent polypropylene: microwave-resistant, ultra-strong and easily reusable.

It couldn’t be clearer: the transparent TP95 containers make your product stand out from the crowd, always.


Download all the TP95 info here.

Also contact your DECA adviser for other colours.