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TP95 - Smokin'Hot

TP95 - Smokin'Hot

The ideal packaging for hot filling and hot applications exists – DECA’s TP95. A round container with safety closure, in love with hot food. The ultra-reliable food packaging perfectly in line with your production processes for hot filling of soups and prepared meals. Ready to withstand short heat treatments, for example during a pasteurisation process. TP95 is Smokin’Hot.


Hot filling and pasteurisation, that is. This is almost always possible, but as with all PP containers: you should consider the choice of material and the product contained in the packaging. The maximum temperature for pasteurisation is 100 °C during max. 15 minutes (with counter-pressure). An added bonus: the TP95 round container with safety closure is microwaveable! Just like our other packaging in PP, by the way!


Download the TP95 product overview


Tips for hot filling


TP95 is the favourite for hot fill or pasteurized products to ensure their shelf life. Do not forget the following basic principles :

  • The stiffer the material, the less chance of distortion
  • The higher the temperature, the more distortion can occur
  • Also remember: the heating and pasteurisation conditions  may change depending on the product to be filled - for example alcohol, acids, fatty substances
  • The material used for the packaging – RCP, CPP or HPP – is also decisive in the filling and pasteurisation options
  • It is recommended to maintain a minimum ‘headspace’ between the top of the product and the lid: this will improve the storage life and reduce the risk of deformation


Need help getting started with TP95 for hot applications? Our quality specialists will be happy to take a closer look at your production process and product in order to find the perfect packaging to suit your needs.


PS1: Also for IML – packaging in your house style – solutions that fit within your pasteurisation process are available.


PS2: last but not least... choosing DECA’s TP95 is a sustainable choice because the 100% mono material is 100% recyclable.


So don't hesitate. Get in touch with your DECA adviser.