About DECA

“Standing out with sustainable packaging. Just what you need?”


All-rounder in sustainable packaging

Food safety, constant quality, an attractive product ... your challenges can seem daunting. DECA can translate all your needs into sustainable food packaging in plastic, glass and metal. This is how you can make the difference.

With more than 40 years of expertise in the food industry, we know our way around packaging for the food industry. Whether you are looking for packaging or packaging machines, we are here for you. From design to packaging advice to logistics, DECA’s customised solutions will help you on your way.


Packaging and packaging machines

Packaging for food products has no secrets left for us. Our production (room) fully meets the HACCP and food legislation standards. Add to that an in-house mould production department and you can rest assured.

And, yes, we do care about the environment and eco packaging is one of our top priorities. Every polypropylene packaging coming off the belt is 100% recyclable. We invest in innovation: new shapes, other compositions and minimum use of materials. Flexibility is key.

Did you know you can also rely on us for packaging machinery? We build our own electric dosing systems and distribute large and small machines, and also take care of maintenance.


Distribution & logistics

Looking for a distribution partner? Look no more. Besides being a manufacturer, we are also a distributor of glass and metal packaging and packaging machinery.

Our stocks are kept in our 13,625 m² efficiently run warehouse. This also means: less space lost in your own production space and minimal stock costs. Find out more.

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Four people looking at a DECA TP container in plastic