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TP95 - Embracing the cold

TP95 - Embracing the cold

Is TP95 your packaging for frozen food? The answer is loud and clear: YES. Because this round food container with safety closure is suitable for freezer applications, provided the correct material is used. But what is the right material for you, the producer? 

DECA to the rescue with specific advice:

  • Our standard PP material TRANSPARANT is not very suitable for the freezer (only down to about +5° C). The reason: a certain brittleness that can lead to breakages in cold temperatures.

  • Our standard PP material NATURAL or COLOURED is ideal for the freezer, though, down to -20° C. Ready-made meals, frozen sauces, soups and desserts such as ice cream... just freeze!

  • If your application or processing requires even colder temperatures, please let us know, because thanks to the use of specific raw materials, temperatures down to -40° C are also possible.

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Cold, colder, coldest

So not every material is equally suitable for the freezer. But the TP95 range, natural or coloured, is. And thanks to IML you will have packaging of the highest quality in your house style. It is even a 100% recyclable solution, because the container is made of 100% monomaterial. As a sustainable player in the packaging world, we deliberately choose to continue to use polypropylene and focus on maximum recyclability for all our products.


DECA loves the planet.

TP95 loves the cold.


What are requirements your packaging should meet?

There is a solution for every product, just ask your DECA advisor (fill in the form below).