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TP95 – No escape: 100% leakproof

TP95 – No escape: 100% leakproof

TP95 – DECA continues to optimise

Do you want your products including (semi) liquid goods delivered just as you packed them? This is guaranteed with the DECA packaging from the new TP95 range. A result of the constant optimisation of our production process. The round containers with safety closure are not the ultimate choice of manufacturers of products such as sauces, soups and tapenades without reason. The lids make a superb seal and are leakproof like no others. The perfect combination of container and lid? It's all down to the details.

Our TP95 series continues to lead the way. Quality improvement has been the key since the very first version. It is a product to be proud of that you can also relish.

  • Discover the fully revamped TP95 range
  • Optimised closure and fit – no chance of leaks!
  • Ideal for liquid products

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Sustainable and personalisable

Your products stand out from the crowd – we make them shine. Besides your food product being immaculately presented to your customers, packaging from DECA also demonstrates your own unique style At DECA personalising with colours and sizes is par for the course. You are also using 100% recyclable material to give your brand even more punch. Use DECA packaging as an ambassador!

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