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TP95 - the best for the best

TP95 - the best for the best

DECA improves.

The ultimate packaging for food professionals? That is TP95, a range of plastic pots with safty closure. Leakproof, 100% recyclable and customisable.

The first version of TP95 on the market came from DECA, and we haven't let it go since. The plastic pot, with diameter 95 mm and safety closure, is now part of our DNA. It's still our NUMBER 1: the best for the best, in the food industry.

Well, if you continuously improve production and quality, then you create an absolute winner: TP95. A must for you and your customers.


DECA and recycling.

The environment is everyone's concern, including DECA's. The TP95 series is made of 100% polypropylene - monomaterial - and is fully recyclable.

A conscious choice that boosts your business.


Download the TP95 leaflet here.

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TP95 - round containers with safety closure