Milestones for your and our success

A leading manufacturer of custom packaging solutions for the food sector for over 40 years, with a focus on quality and service. Our growth and expertise is based on this principle, and we are happy to share it with you.

1978 - How it started

Jos De Cat and his wife Maria Smeyers acquired Office Technique Jauss in Brussels in 1977, a company specialising in butchery machines and the sale of glass and metal packaging cans. Under the name Decatechnic a solid foundation was set up from 1978.

1985 - Move to Herentals

Time for a new building for Decatechnic. It is to be located in the industrial estate in Herentals, a home base from then on.

 1989 - To the market with Decapac


Plastic is becoming more important as a food packaging material. Ready-made meals are gaining popularity, the sale of packaging is increasing. Decapac is launched as a separate sales entity. Decatechnic also continues its focus on machines and metal packaging.

1992 - Further expansion

To support the growth of our company, we expanded the production hall from 1,500 m² to 5,000 m². More space, more options.

1999 - Crossing borders

The range of DECA’s own products is greatly expanded by now. From a Belgian importer/distributor of packaging Deca has now become a full-fledged packaging company that also exports products abroad.

2005 – Acquisition of production plant in Tienen

We take over Pic Plastics LTD, a subcontractor of Decapac. Decapac is now also a producer of plastic packaging. We are committed to modernisation and implement the ISO900 and BRC standards.

2011 – Injection moulds are added


Takeover of PTNA - Precision Tools & Automation. The development, design and production of all kinds of moulds and machine parts is now available in-house.

2013 - New head office in Herentals

As part of our further expansion, we build a brand new ‘state-of-the-art’ factory on a 3 hectare site, with a built area of 20,000 m². Sustainability is key: we aim for a very low ecological footprint. That philosophy is in our DNA.

2018 - 1 brand for all your packaging solutions

DECA, a global player. Big in service and supply, with exports to more than 37 countries and a turnover of more than €35 million. However, we still have the approach of a modest family business, always at the service of our customers.

Thanks to an ultramodern production facility we can produce the eco-friendliest packaging for the food industry, we are ready for the future! 

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