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SKIN packaging with DECA*

SKIN packaging with DECA*

A second SKIN around your product – pure added value. SKIN packaging does the magic and raises your top-quality food products to an even higher level. Shelf life, quality and appearance down to perfection. SKIN packaging is a magnet to consumers, and at DECA you will find all the expertise and technology you could need to assist you with this type of vacuum packaging.


SKIN packaging explained

The product to be packed is fully sealed all around with a special skin foil on a stable bottom foil or a prefabricated tray. The top foil is applied tight but tension-free over the product, without changing its shape. The foil is applied using vacuum or shrink foil technology, which removes all air from the packaging.

SKIN packaging is highly popular because of its natural presentation of quality and freshness. The foils are nice and transparent and clear to give the product strong consumer appeal.


Why SKIN packaging?

  • SKIN foil fixes the product in the packaging and prevents liquids from leaking. It ensures excellent leak-tightness, even for products containing oil.

  • SKIN packaging is the very best choice for packing meat (goods), fish, seafood, poultry, ready-meals and cheese. It is also ideal for foods with high shelf-life requirements.

  • Your packaged product can then be presented in any position as the foil also firmly holds any liquids.

  • SKIN also optimises product shelf life.

  • Note: with SKIN packaging the product may not protrude above the seal edge of the carrier; with PRO SKIN the product may protrude a maximum of 40 mm above the seal edge.


SKIN packaging with DECA

Is such a SKIN packaging process complex? Reetray 30, DECA's semi-automatic sealing machine, does the job with ease for you.

Reetray 30 can also process MAP in addition to SKIN. And DECA even has other solutions for machines with MAP. As packaging experts we know all the ins and outs of special packaging techniques such as SKIN and MAP packaging. It is the perfect combination between machine and packaging material, for your business too.

PS: a bonus... peel foil is available to make opening the packaging easier.

* DECA is a distributer of Reepack, Grunwald and Van Rijn for Belgium only. Visiting our site from elsewhere? DECA is your partner for plastic food packaging. For machines, we can refer you to your local distributer.

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