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Semi-automatic sealing machine: a must & luxury

Packaging and sealing fresh food – a breeze with the semi-automatic ReeTray 20 or 30 sealing machine. Specially developed for F1 and F2 outlets. A must for use in your supermarket, food shop, butcher's shop or smaller production facility. The result: optimum shelf life, 100% hygiene and a tasty presentation.

DECA brings the required luxury for packaging meals, meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, etc., right to your door. Indeed, we are your packaging specialist and the Belgian distributor of ReePack's high-quality tray sealers. Time to discover our range of semi-automatic sealing machines.


ReeTray for small, medium and medium to large

You can choose from two types of semi-automatic MAP sealing machines depending on your needs and quantities: ReeTray 20 or 30. These tray sealers ensure the ultimate hermetic sealing. A handy extra aid on wheels is what it is, and it never gets in the way. Also discover the other qualities of these handy packaging machines.


ReeTray 20

"Plug in and start – just find a 230V socket and you're on your way.
Thanks to its patented system, the ReeTray 20 does not need any compressed air."

  • Compact, electric version for small to medium-sized quantities

  • Sealing and/or MAP packaging (gas packaging – Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

  • Quick format changes

  • User-friendly HMI controller for easy switching between programs

  • Easy to move and flexible on wheels

All about MAP Packaging


ReeTray 30

"Specially designed for MAP (gas packaging) and vacuum SKIN packaging
in pre-formed trays or on cardboard backing."


  • Ideal semi-automatic sealing machine for medium-sized companies

  • Available with two different vacuum pumps: 40 or 60 CMB

  • User-friendly HMI controller for easy switching between programs

  • Automatic processing and rolling up of residual foils

  • Mobile, fitted with wheels

All about SKIN Packaging


ReeMarket for larger quantities

Need an even larger semi-automatic MAP sealing machine? Ask DECA about the ReeMarket. This is three dies in one machine for sealing and MAP in less than three metres. Packaging different portions of fresh food in a variety of tray formats has never been easier.

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