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Sealing with pre-cut peelable film

Sealing with pre-cut peelable film

Want to give a boost to your packaging process and product? Try this… pre-cut peelable lids from DECA. That means sealing your food packaging compact and airtight with a strong peelable top seal with printing. And such a seal is 100% recyclable!

Pre-cut lids: a fast and food-safe way of sealing packaging. Mechanically and visually a winner. DECA provides you with the right lidding that exactly meets your needs, and we supply the printed sealing lids pre-cut. Ready for a match with your product?


What’s in it for you?


Sealing with pre-cut peelable film just means pure advantages along the whole line:


More efficient production

The seals are already printed and cut to size. Suitable for high-speed processing, they help make production stable and with a simpler sealing process.


A more attractive product

Think transparent or white PP or PET film with the highest quality full colour printing of up to 8 colours. Embossing, micro or macro perforation is also an option, but not necessary because a special lacquer ensures excellent label separation. And last but not least: you always get clean edges that fit 1 on 1 on the seal edge of your packaging.


Great consumer convenience

EasyPeel, what's in a name. Peelable seals must be easy to open and strong. Our pre-cut seals guarantee ultimate ease of use: strong yet easy to peel.


A marketing & sales blinder

The various look & feel options put your brand straight in the spotlight. High quality printing, and a match with the colours and the design of the pot, tub or tray. That means standing out on the shelves!



With pre-cut PP or PET peel film instead of traditional aluminium sealing you increase the recyclability of your packaging. After all, mono-material is the solution for a better sorting and recycling flow. The seal is 100% recyclable together with the pot, tub or tray.



Besides the standard sizes (95 mm, 115 mm, etc.) you can also order custom-made dimensions from DECA. Ask about the options!


Off the roll or pre-cut?

No more sealing from the roll? You choose. Pre-cut has its advantages. And this to boot: pre-cut peel film results in a sealing process that is simpler than sealing from a roll. Your parameters are kept better under control by die-cutting in advance instead of in line from the roll. Worth testing, right?


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