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Sweet machines

Sweet machines

Heavenly flavours, delicious desserts - yummy, delicious, from Herman Desserts. That's artisan quality since 1986, good for a nice growth story and the need for state-of-the art packaging machines. For that machinery and in-depth sector expertise, Herman Desserts relies on Decatechnic, DECA Packaging Group's machinery division and Grunwald distributor. We are happy, the food & dessert lovers in us even more so.


From caterer to producer of fresh desserts

How can you do that? Through passion, a talent for innovation and the ambition to present only the purest ingredients to the world. This is how it went for Herman Roobroeck and Pasca Smet. It all started with a catering company in Ostend, a few years later they supplied about 15 supermarkets and build a first production hall. Since 1993, the focus has been on producing fresh desserts for the retail market at home and abroad, which was a success.

Today, Herman Desserts works on an area of 5,000 m² which includes the production hall and warehouses. More than 35,000 desserts roll out of four production lines every day and find their way to about 1,000 supermarkets. The sustainability factor is never far away, both in terms of processes and use of materials. Being a sustainable business, that’s exactly how we like it at DECA.



Rotary packaging machines

In the context of production increases, the team knocked on the doors of Decatechnic and Grunwald for the first time in 2016 and ever since. Together, we set up an initial installation of 2 HITTPAC AKH-059 machines, which flawlessly pack sweet desserts into ready-made plastic containers. Rising demand soon brought new (technical) needs to light: higher capacity, market changes, adding multi-layer filling and topping, as well as higher hygiene standards. DECA experts to the rescue.

Enter the Rotary in 2021. Ticks all the boxes, with larger table, laminar cabin and sterilisation of cups and jars with UV light. An additional and not insignificant advantage of these rotary machines is that they simply take up less space. In an area of 3 m², you can unstack, fill, garnish, seal and lid containers... impossible with a machine setup in a line.


Focus on ROTARY 6000/12000/20000

  • Rotary servo-driven machine
  • High capacity for automatic destacking, filling and sealing of portion packs
  • High output with high dosing accuracy
  • 3 sizes and, depending on the size, 1 to 6 packs per cycle
  • Filling of liquid and pasty products: salads, soups and sauces, dairy products, honey...
  • Speed: 2500 to 15000 packages/hours
  • Dosing volume: 20 to 1700 ml
  • Optional: laminar flow, package decontamination, CIP cleaning, etc.


À la carte

As the exclusive Belgian representative of Grunwald, Decatechnic is always ready to provide detailed advice and adapt the machines to customer-specific requirements. More than 40 years of experience in sustainable packaging & filling and packaging machines, you can feel it. Sweet or other successes, we are here for you.


Is your packaging machine also ready for an upgrade? Do you want to expand your production?

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