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Fresh & crispy in PET packaging

Fresh & crispy in PET packaging

Summer time! That time of year when BBQ salads, fresh salads and potato salads are sold like hot cakes. And to keep them tasty and crunchy, DECA PET packaging (thermoform) with safety closure is an absolute hit. 

  •  Crystal-clear packaging

  •  Excellent barrier properties

  •  Recycled PET (rPET) possible, from 0 to 100%

  •  100% recyclable



We can see you thinking: PET? Certainly, because in addition to plastic packaging made of polypropylene (PP), PET is also our business. Thanks to our R&D team specialising in thermoform packaging and an in-house production line in Herentals, with PET you choose the typical DECA quality, flexibility and durability.

PET packaging fits perfectly into our sustainable production and policy. It consist of monomaterial, it is 100% recyclable and it can be made from recycled PET (rPET). A material choice that makes everyone happy, right?


Choose your (r)PET packaging

Our (r)PET range is dynamic and diverse, guaranteed to provide the best packaging solution for your products. And we also continue to innovate the DECA PET segment. We proudly present ROTPT and SQTPT: round and square packaging in PET with a safety closure.


    • ROTPT118-565 - 565 ml - diameter 120 mm
    • ROTPT133-855 - 855 ml - diameter 133 mm


    • SQTPT093-325 - 325 ml - 94 x 94 mm
    • SQTPT101-400 - 400 ml - 101 x 101 mm


  • Each with matching lid, closing on the inside


Want some smart packaging? DECA PET! Ask for advice from our experts.