Reetray 30 SKIN

SKU: 111082
Mobile semi-automatic SKIN and MAP tray sealing machine. The foil is contour cut and sealed.
This compact electro/pneumatic machine is ideal for use with smaller production runs. The Reetray 30 is suitable for both SKIN and MAP packing with both synthetic and ALU packaging, as well as cardboard and foam trays with liner.
Format changes only take a couple of minutes.
The machine is equipped with an automatic foil rolling system. Vacuum pump: 60 m3/h
Max. packaging dimensions: L 430 x W 305 x H 100 mm
Speed: 2 - 6 cycles / minute
Number of packs per cycle: 1 - 6
Optional: processing of printed foil, oxygen gas flushing (fresh meat).
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Category DECA MAP Packaging - electro-pneumatic tray sealing machines