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Spreads and sauces in a sustainable DECA dress to impress – with IML

Spreads and sauces in a sustainable DECA dress to impress – with IML

Vegan food boring and always the same? Not a bit of it. This is Pa'lais, a Belgian and plant-based dairy alternative produced from nuts. It is a 'premium brand' from start-up Future Foods, with its range including tasty spreads and culinary creamy sauces specially made for vegans, vegetarians or people with lactose intolerance. 



"Pa'lais exists because we felt there is not enough tasty and sustainable food on offer for everyone. That is why our spreads and sauces are completely plant-based. We offer an authentic alternative to dairy products, while helping you to cook in a way that befits the 21st century," say Laurent Jadot & Kevin Storms, founders of Pa'lais.

But what about the shelf life and packaging? This innovative company sought and found a solution at DECA thanks to Sanipackaging.


The search for a solution

Sauces must undergo a pasteurisation process to have a good shelf life. This also means that the packaging must be able to withstand high temperatures. And that’s not to mention a strong branding format. So there are indeed some challenges.



It all came down to selecting the right packaging, while taking account of the particular product requirements. "Containers in polypropylene (PP) are the ideal choice in this case," says Eveline Verhenne, IML specialist at DECA. "With plastic packaging you protect food from external influences and extend the shelf life of your product. This mono-material pot is also reusable by consumers and 100% recyclable."


IML labels do the magic

We advised the use of pasteurisation-resistant IML labels. We also went in search of a suitable labelling solution at IML supplier MCC Verstraete. It soon proved to be an ideal combination for the customer's individual needs.

What is IML?

The term ‘In-Mould Labelling ' (IML) is derived from the technique itself: a pre-printed polypropylene (PP) label is placed in a mould. This mould has the shape of the final product into which molten PP is injected. This melts with the label, and during hardening takes the shape of the mould. The result: the label and packaging become one.

Eveline: “We take every care during such a development phase. We have a dedicated quality and project management team that also monitors the entire IML process. We always come together to find the suitable solution with the benefit of years of experience in each segment. Packaging products such as dairy produce, meat, fish, spreads, sauces and ready meals hold no secrets for us. We carried out a number of tests for Pa’lais to make sure we came up with the best result."


The right look and feel

We created the perfect look and feel for branding and appearance – without compromising on functionality. Today we see where all this brought us: the IML packaging attracts the attention straight away and is also ultra-strong and hygienic.

Pa'lais and Future Foods have already received many positive and enthusiastic responses. Consumers want to reuse IML packaging in their homes because it is just too attractive to throw away. Cool, right?


Sustainable production and packaging, the way to go

The whole production and packaging story is above all also sustainable. Future Foods also attaches great importance to local production. With the exception of the cashew nuts, which are purchased under fair trade terms, the entire development process takes place at the Belgian production facility. With their Pa'lais products in PP containers – packaging and label consisting of the same material – they are marketing a 100% recyclable solution that ensures a longer shelf life for the creamy product.

Grateful and proud, that’s what we are at DECA. Because sustainable initiatives can only be applauded. Doing business and producing in an environmentally aware way is also something we are committed to ourselves. Limiting, reusing and recycling are in our DNA. And the unique IML packaging project for Pa'lais and Future Foods matches that philosophy to perfection. Whatever the question or need... we understand your business.


There is also IML packaging for your product.

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This project was collaboration between Pa’laisSanipackagingMCC Verstraete and DECA