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Packaging with ventilation

Packaging with ventilation

A vented lid, you can’t do without

Did you know that at DECA we have one of the widest ranges of vented lids? These lids are ideal for packaging a wide range of fresh food products, and not just a luxury feature! Do the check..

  • Is your product still warm when going into the packaging? In that case, ventilation in the lid is the perfect solution to prevent the packaging from deforming during cooling. The lid allows extra oxygen to enter the recipient, keeping it in perfect shape.
  • Do you pack fresh products like blueberries, sauerkraut, herbs...?  Lids with ventilation allow C02 to escape from the packaging and oxygen to enter. No more bulging lids, no more lids that get under too much pressure and pop open.

Does this apply to your products? In that case, packaging with ventilation is what you need. A subtle, yet ingenious system does the work for you, and the consumer experiences the convenience.


25 containers with ventilation lid

DECA has a lid with ventilation available for no less than 6 of our standard ranges of plastic containers with safety closure. Usable for all variants within the range. You can choose from almost 25 containers in different sizes. Indeed, you’ll also find the ideal packaging for your food products.

  • Round: TP69, TP95, TP118, TP133
  • Rectangular: TPR1208
  • Oval: TPOSC

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Packaging with ventilation? Contact your packaging consultant & do the test