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Monoplastics, Durable DECA DNA

Monoplastic, the (only) way to go

Optimal protection for your food products is what you want. Plastic packaging is and continues to be the most functional solution to ensure this protection. You also want to package sustainably with the smallest possible environmental impact. The ultimate answer: monoplastic. The only way to go.

We know this all too well at DECA. All our plastic packaging is made of mono-material. It has already been our deliberate choice for many years. You enjoy all the benefits of plastic with a measured sustainable touch.



Monoplastic, only 1 material

The raw material for monoplastic packaging consists of just one material: 100% polypropylene or 100% PET. This makes it easier to recycle, resulting in a pure high-quality raw material.

Much plastic packaging consists of multiple layers (multiple raw material types) that need to be separated during the recycling process. This makes recycling multilayer packaging a lot more complicated. But that’s not an issue at DECA. We do not manufacture any products from a mix of plastics. We produce using mono-material that can be recycled without processes. And that is sustainable.


Monoplastic, the DECA DNA

Choosing DECA packaging with mono-material DNA is therefore always a sustainable option. In terms of functionality it the best match for the food industry and optimally recyclable. It is the ultimate magic combination, no compromises compared to composite materials. 

Monoplastic packaging from DECA is: 

  • Hygienic and odour-/taste-neutral: you protect your food product from external influences including UV, you extend the shelf life of your food product, etc.

  • Sustainable: reusable by the consumer and optimally recyclable

  • Attractive: transparency and the option to personalise with IML

  • Ultrapractical: suitable for various applications (hot-fill, sterilisation, pasteurisation, microwave-proof, deep-freeze), with safety closure, sealable or simply with lid, light and stable for transport, space-saving in storage, etc.




Because with In-Mould labelling (IML) we use a label made of 100% polypropylene to personalise your packaging and give it an exclusive look. The packaging and label are made of one and the same material, so 100% recyclable.

You can read how it works here.



Monoplastics? A must!

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