RAMONA'S Heavenly Houmous, a HIT on the shelf thanks to IML


Packaging tailored to your business

Packaging with impact. Making the difference. DECA can. For more than 40 years we have been helping entice consumers with innovative packaging for the food industry. Because strong products deserve strong and sustainable eco-friendly packaging.

Your packaging process is where we start off. Food safety, shelf life, an attractive product... We see the challenges and understand your needs. We translate this into customised rigid plastic, glass and/or tin can packaging.

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What we offer: packaging & packaging machines


Plastic packaging

    Rigid plastic, multi-purpose. With safety closure or sealable, microwave or freezer-proof, transparent or coloured.

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Glass packaging

    Renewable and reusable jars that can be sterilised or pasteurised. The metal lids are customisable.

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Metal packaging

    A luxury tin is the cream of the crop for your product. Can also be produced fully tailored to your needs.

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Packaging machines

    Food companies looking for specialised packaging machines have come to the right place.

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Customised packaging

    Design, colour printing, labelling. We help you make your brand stronger and optimise your brand experience.

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Ramona's Heavenly Houmous, a HIT on the shelf Ramona's Heavenly Houmous, a HIT on the shelf
Perfection in terms of colour and product, RAMONA's Heavenly Houmous. Courtesy of DECA and personalised packaging with In Mould Labeling (IML)....
Design & brand promise - an interview with our CEO Design & brand promise - an interview with our CEO
When our CEO was asked for an interview by our mould supplier Otto Hofstetter, he was more than willing to oblige. Together they talked about the past and future of plastic packaging solutions....
Sweet machines Sweet machines
DECA and Grunwald together make the difference for Herman Desserts. Packaging machine Rotary 12000 delivers a top performance on a small area with perfect output, both hygienic and sustainable....
Fresh & crispy in PET packaging Fresh & crispy in PET packaging
Keeping BBQ salads, fresh salads and potato salads fresh and crisp - how can you do it? In DECA PET packaging with safety closure. Discover the new ROTPT and SQTPT within this durable range....
Free checklist for your packaging Free checklist for your packaging
Packaging for your product is indispensable, but how do you get started? Just complete our free checklist! DECA will take care of the solution....
Spreads and sauces in a sustainable DECA dress to impress – with IML Spreads and sauces in a sustainable DECA dress to impress – with IML
Pa'lais was in search of and found sustainable packaging for their plant-based dairy alternatives at DECA: Polypropylene containers with pasteurisation-resistant IML labels....
Monoplastics, Durable DECA DNA Monoplastics, Durable DECA DNA
Optimally packaging and protecting your food products and reducing your ecological footprint. All this can be done with (mono)plastics from DECA – no concessions. Discover how here....
Discover our catalog Discover our catalog
Our entire range of plastic packaging? You can find all of it in our catalogue....
Semi-automatic sealing machine: a must & luxury Semi-automatic sealing machine: a must & luxury
Packaging and sealing fresh food – a breeze with the semi-automatic ReeTray 20 or 30 sealing machine. Specially developed for F1 and F2 outlets. A must for use in your supermarket, food shop, butcher'...
MAP with DECA* MAP with DECA*
Satisfying consumer expectations 100%. That's what you want as a food producer. You can offer that certainty with MAP packaging or gas packaging. To ensure this you need DECA's semi-automatic sealing ...
TPS079 square container, that's amazing TPS079 square container, that's amazing
You the inside, we the outside/packaging. We present the TPS079 range of square containers with safety closure and different lids. DECA top quality and extra visibility on the shop shelf....
SKIN packaging with DECA* SKIN packaging with DECA*
A second SKIN around your product – pure added value. SKIN packaging does the magic and raises your top-quality food products to an even higher level. Shelf life, quality and appearance down to perfec...
The TP95, it has the X factor The TP95, it has the X factor
We have added an absolute X factor to the DECA TP95 - with camera cells in our production - for ultimate monitoring and far-reaching automation. The result: top-quality packaging for (food) products....
PET packaging with DECA quality PET packaging with DECA quality
At DECA, we are known for injection moulded packaging in polypropylene. But make no mistake, thermoform is also our business....
Buckets, perfect large packaging Buckets, perfect large packaging
100% recyclable buckets with matching lids – you'll find them at DECA. Also for food! Because sometimes you need to pack larger volumes. In-house production, fast delivery. Find out more......
TP95 - Smokin'Hot TP95 - Smokin'Hot
Look no further, the ideal packaging for hot filling, hot applications and pasteurisation does exist – DECA’s TP95 round containers! Fully adapted to your product and production process....